Touch LED RGB controller for LED strip

Touch LED RGB controller for LED strip

LED RGB controller( Touching version)

Frequency 433MHZ

Support DC12/24Vinput , max power 216W

Operating instructions

Touch ON/OFF button  to  switch the RGB strip on / off

adjusting the colour: Slide the color ring to adjust the colour RGB strip will show the same color

Increasing colour intensity: Increase colour button can adjust the current color to the most vivid ,decreasing colour button is contrary until pure white

You can adjust the brightness by dimming function, to brighten and dim the light

Gradual change mode: touch on button again under monochrome mode condition, RGB strip will be changed into gradual change mode. Increasing color button will speed up the color change, decreasing color button will slowdown

Hopping mode: under gradual change mode condition, touch on button. The RGB strip will be changed into hopping mode. Increasing colour button will speed up the hopping decreasing colour button will slow down.

 Touch on switch will switch between modes. Close the RGB strip and restart it if you want to enter monochrome mode

Attention: Input voltage of remote control must be the same as RGB strip’s

Match the colour of output wiring when connecting:

When the colour doesn’t match, for example, it displays blue when touch green, or displays green when touching blue, please check that the wiring is correct.