High quality of retail store lighting is very important. It’s a device used to draw shoppers to window and interior displays. Effective display LED lighting bulbs can arrest senses and carry the consumers to the product. A forceful spotlight in a subtly lit display area can be as attention- getting as a yank on the collar. Energy Smart Industry brings you innovative lighting redesign and LED Retrofit program for Retail Store Lighting.

The retailers focus more on the day lighting to provide highly satisfying visual environment. Retail lighting, together with attracting customers inside the store, plays as a sales tool by helping customer to move around the merchandise & enhance the colors, textures and the forms of the merchandise.  It entices customers to the transaction process along with creating different moods of the customer.

In retail store lighting there are different kinds of lightings which are used, like the following:

Accent Lighting by LED lighting bulbs

Accent and display lighting by LED bulbs give great impact on retail store lighting which highlights the color, shape, texture and the finish of the merchandise.

Task Lighting by LED lighting bulbs

It’s a supplement to the general lighting, used for the counter tops, for workspace and for conference areas. Use LED bulbs give impact on these area.  Task lighting should prevent glare by eliminating shadows on the specified illuminated area with LED lighting.

Wall Wash Lighting by LED lighting bulbs

This retail lighting visually increases the size of a room and makes room appear lighter and open.

Display Lighting by LED lighting bulbs

Display lighting is done to focus on the best traits of the merchandise and also is the supplement of the general diffused lights for the retail store lighting.

Perimeter Lighting by LED lighting bulbs

This retail lighting draws customers from the main aisle into merchandising space. It adds to the visibility and visual impact of the displays done on the wall and makes pleasant environment.

Dressing Room lighting by LED lighting bulbs
This retail lighting is imperative because this is one place where the final decision is made. A good quality of light in needed to make form and texture of merchandise visible.  Lighting complements the type of merchandise on sale.