Bespoke LED Lighting Solutions

Design, Consultancy and installation of solutions utilising LED lighting and building / lighting management systems

LED Lighting Solutions

There are numerous reasons why LED lighting makes sense:

  • Cost Effective
  • Greener energy solution
  • Energy Efficient
  • Negligible heat emission
These attributes make LED lighting the essential choice for numerous private and commercial applications, especially when combined with building / lighting control systems.

LED Retrofit

The benefits of LED lighting are accessible to just about anyone, through a simple LED Retrofit.  With access to the the most up-to-date LED products, we can advise on the LED lighting options available.

State-of-the-art Lighting Design and Consultancy

In addition to a simple retrofit, LEDs also offer a wide range of creative and contemporary lighting options by virtue of the variety of units that are available.

With extensive experience in the lighting solution design, Dorset LED  can help you design bespoke, imaginative solutions for your project, whether it be an elegant residential or practical commercial project.

Advanced Building Management Systems

LED lighting benefits can be further extended through the use of Advanced Building Management Systems. These systems go beyond lighting control, and can include security, climate control and general automation, including audio and visual components.

Architectural & Commercial LED lighting design, supply and installation

With an extensive range of quality guaranteed LED lighting products at our disposal, we are able to design lighting solutions that are both innovative and energy-efficient for a wide range of commercial and architectural applications.