LED Strip Lights

Replacement for traditional neon light, without the drawbacks

LED Strip light – Replacement for conventional neon lighting

Side Emitting LED Strip light

Side Emitting LED Strip

LED Strip Light - Neon Effect

The effect of neon without the drawbacks

The effect of neon has finally been reproduced using LED Strip Lights, removing all of the drawbacks of traditional glass gas-filled neon. Available in a wide range of colours, including RGB colour changing.

We supply large quantities (rolls) of LED Strip Light at competitive prices.




LED Strip Lights available in a variety of colours

Available in a range of colours, including RGB colour-changing

  • Super LED Flexible Strip

    Dream Chaser LED Strip Light

  • Side-emitting LED Strip
  • Low Dissipation. Long Lifespan
  • Variety of Applications
  • 120 degree viewing angle
  • Colours: cold white, warm white, red, green, blue, yellow

Some of the LED Strip products that we sell:

  • 3528/60 LED/gel coat strip

    Waterproof LED Strip Light

  • 3528/120 LED/gel coat strip
  • 5050/60 LED/gel coat strip
  • RGB/60 LED/gel coat strip
  • Dream Chaser waterproof strip 

Download specification sheets:

5050 SMD Strip Light – Waterproof Series 5050 RGB SMD Strip Light – Waterproof Series 3528 SMD Strip Light – Waterproof Series 5050 SMD Dream Strip Light