IP66 LED Wall Washer with DMX Power Control

600 & 1200 tri-colour (6-3TC & 12-3TC) and Quad Colour (4-10FC & 8-10FC) Wall Washer

IP66 LED Wall Washers with DMX Power Control

The wall Washers gives more flexibility and greater colour mixing for any installation. The Power Supply and DMX Driver all in one, this series features full range voltage input and linkable between power and DMX, saves installation time and makes everything easier.

LED Wall Washers

1200 wallwasher

  • Surface mounted linear wall washer
  • Power Supply and DMX included
  • DMX linkable to perform the same chase effect
  • Power linkable within 10 units
Available in TRI-LED and 10W 4-in-1 RGBW LED

Download the specification

1200 Tri-colour (12-3TC) and Quad Colour (8-10FC) Wall Washer  600 Tri-colour (6-3TC) and Quad Colour (4-10FC) Wall Washer
If there is a gap of 30cm between the lights - Using 24 x RGB (R8 G8 B8) will give an uneven glow because the end chip is only blue or red
Colour’s which mix only red and green would have a gap that appears even wider and vice versa if the other way around using blue and green

With Our Tri Colour RGB and Quad Colour – even with only 25Deg the light fades together much better @ around 45cm above the lights. With a wider beam (60Deg) this would also slightly improve. (60Deg example not available atm)

If the Lights are fitted closely to the wall even with different beam angles the lighting effect is appears fairly similar

At a distance the effect of the different beam angles is much more obvious

Light used: 60Deg & 25Deg 1.2m Quad Color

Lighting effect is perfectly even when the fixtures are fitted side by side. Using 2x 1.2m & 1x 600mm would give an overall length of 3.117m and perfect uniformity

Light used: 25Deg Tri Color RGB 1.2m 39w

The controller is very simple to operate and configure the scenes required.

– 32 set colours to choose from. This can also be configured manually if requested but it would be much more time consuming for the client. – 10 steps per scene, for example ; Red 30 seconds – Blue 20seconds – Green 10 seconds – Pink 5 seconds……maximum 10 steps per scene)

– Multiple scenes can be programmed if different washes require different colour combinations and timing.

– Strobing, Fading, direct colour change effects all available.

The picture is a sample of the controller. This is what we can send for the preliminary project but for the bulk order we will redesign with smarter housing and the operation will be simplified even further for the clients convenience.

Plenty of light

Light Used: 25Deg Tri Color 2x 1.2m (40w per light)
Room Height: 4m

For More flexibility when fitting to the wall…