Adapt Advanced Building Management System

Advanced Automation and Control of your Environment

Automation and Control of your Environment

From energy conservation and home security to a fully integrated, automated intelligent home, Adapt Control Solutions can provide you with as little or as much control as you want.

Building Management System

  • Security & Surveillance including CCTV, motion sensors and door/window sensors
  • Energy efficiency – helping reduce energy costs by up to 40%
  • Scene & timer based lighting control
  • Full climate control
  • Multi-room TV/DVD & Audio distribution
  • A secure and reliable network for all your home PC’s and peripherals
  • Motorised curtains, blinds, gates and garage doors
  • Personalized scenarios and macros
  • Simple messaging and alerts through e-mail and SMS
  • Online information: timetables, cinema schedules, ordering takeout and taxis

Your home is the centre of your world, the place where you spend most of your leisure time – It’s the hub around which your life is built

With Adapt Control Solutions, your home starts working for you, while you enjoy life. And through our commitment to the principles of Universal Design, everyone, regardless of age or physical ability can enjoy the full benefits of convenience, security and intuitive control, that Adapt Control provides.

Control Systems

The Adapt System incorporates a powerful dedicated microprocessor / controller, which is capable of operating all of the subsystems of both residential and commercial buildings. With touch screen control, this Scandinavian system presents an intuitive and easy to operate building management system. The Adapt service includes consultation, planning, design, supply of equipment, installation, programming and commissioning, customer familiarisation, maintenance and support.

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Lighting Systems

The Advancedbms lighting system includes a range of dimming and switching devices, switches and TFT touch screens. Switching and dimming models can be controlled via RS232/RS485 as stand alone devices, or incorporated into any control system

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Energy Monitoring

With a range of low cost monitoring devices, connected wirelessly, the Advancedbms energy monitoring system provides detailed feedback of energy consumption for homes, offices, schools and commercial premises. With consumption displayed graphically, or exported as data,  effective savings can be easily attained