Remote Building Management Control Systems

Designed and installed by our own technicians, in residential or commercial environments, the Adapt Control System represents a unique combination of flexibility, versatility and functionality. Probably the most powerful and cost effective control system available today. With timer functions, remote access, user programmable macros and a host of other features, this unique system brings all of the technology of the home easily under control.

Apps for iPhone and iPad Control

With Apps available for the iPad and the iPhone, touch screen and remote access is easily achieved. With a simple to use interface controlling even the most complicated buildings becomes child’s play. Building Management Control Systems

Lighting Controller

Whether control of an Advancedbms, Lutron or other proprietary lighting system is required, the Adapt controller easily interfaces with and enhances the functions available. With timers, occupancy simulation,  automation, scene setting and energy monitoring, it is the ideal combination for today’s lifestyle.

Heating Controller

Whatever the heating system, all timer, on/off, day/night, thermostat and remote access functions are easily controlled. With temperatures sampled in all rooms, macros can be set to achieve total control of the home/commercial environment. Without the need for intrusive room thermostats / programmers

Air-conditioning Controller

Proprietary AC systems can be controlled via IR, RS232/485, Modbus, TCP/IP or a host of other protocols and then user set to wotk in harmony with heating, heat recovery and ventilation systems

Audio Visual Controller

The Adapt system is ideal for easy control of  whole house distribution (up to 32 zones) of high quality audio and video. With HDMI capability, home cinema, 3D TVs and projectors, iTunes on the iPad or PC, multimedia storage devices, Bluray and DVD, digitally amplified or as part of surround sound home theatre systems. Sky HD, Skyplus, Cable or Freeview TV are easily distributed throughout the home.

Data and Network – Wired & Wireless

Almost all users choose to have a fully installed network, hard wired via an Ethernet switch, combined with wireless access to provide all of the connectivity needed for today’s lifestyle. With broadband accesss taken care of and security set, peace of mind and security come as standard

Telephone / Intercom

As with data and network, most users prefer have dedicated telephone points throughout the building andcombine them with digitally enhanced cordless telephones. These, in turn, can be integrated to act as room to room intercoms and to access gate/door entry intercom systems.